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Mobile Legends Saber Hero Sound

Saber Build

View: 647293
cost  6500     diamond  254     ticket  0    
ticket ғσячσυ.ツ   |   Winrate 84.1%
ticket League: x 979 |   Matches 1330

Hero Sounds

Kill! All! At! Once!

Too slow!

I'm a man with sad stories.

Watch your head!

Move like a wind, be steady like a rock.

Channel your energy, and master your enemy.

There is no swordsmanship I can't master!

I need a worthy opponent!

Why are my swords.. broken?..

I...am reborn

No hint of fear

Killing without trace

Nothing can stop me!

Full Throttle!

Don't get in my way!

This mech body gives me limitless power

I think... i need to go on a killing spree!

You have to do better than that!

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Kill! All! At once!

One day, I'll return the laboratory and burn it to the ground.

I'm a man with sad stories.

Too slow!

Distort my memories all you want, my will stays strong.

Memory is hard to capture, just like a silhouette in the mist.

One man. One sword. Same goal.

True warriors act, rather that acted upon.

You shall see my sword before you see me.

For 10 years, I've sharpened my sword for this moment.

Watch your head!

The heart of a warrior, never forgets.

Another one bites the dust!

I didn't even.. get to be the.. strongest...

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