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Mobile Legends Hanabi Hero Sound

Hanabi Build

View: 350366
cost  32000     diamond  599     ticket  0    
ticket jin   |   Winrate 100%
ticket League: x 999 |   Matches 133

Hero Sounds

I'll be the blade in your hands

Just show me an umbrella and see what happens to you.

The enemy often knows you better than you do.

I... I shouldn't be speaking while on a mission.

Actually, I can't resist cute stuff at all...

I don't wanna lose to that snot nosed shadow.


Em... do all men only like cute girls?

Where is.. he...

See any other ninjas around here?

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Hanabi JP 09

Assassination is my way of missing you my dear brother.

Ninjutsu, is the ultimate weapon.

Hanabi TR 00

Hanabi TR 01

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